PHOTO AWARD & SCREENING @ 1st Spéos Photo Awards / Voies OFF, Arles, 2018

A Zone to Defend series got the 1st prize at the Reportage category  of the Spéos Photo Awards 2018! As a  result, it will be screened during VOIES OFF Festival in Arles, along with the photos of all the  winners of the 1st  edition of the Spéos Photo Awards.

The screening will take place on 7th of July , 2018 at 22:00 at the Courtyard of the Archdiocese in Arles. 

The awarded students are:
Reportage Category
1st prize: Penelope THOMAIDI  |  2nd prize: Anouar HENDRIXX  | 3rd prize: Mahé CHARPENTIER (Wozniak)
Fashion Category
1st prize: Aleksandra PAVLOVA | 2nd prize: Thomas KUHN | 3rd prize: Ang LIANG | 4th prize: Roee BOKOBZA
Studio  Category
1st prize: Lina BENOUHOUD | 2nd prize: Santana PETCHSUK | 3rd prize: Elle HARDMAN

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