Open / ΑΝΟΙΧΤΑ [2012] - Multimedia & participatory photography project

ANOIXTA stands for OPEN in greek.

ANOIXTA is a multimedia project created on the occasion of the Museum's Night 2012 exhibition in the Historic Archive of the National Bank of Greece. It was inspired by a piece of the collections of the Archive: a disaster recovery certificate given to some greek refugee that was obliged to leave the coasts of Turkey because of the exchange of populations dictated by the Treaty of Lausanne back in 1922.

Since 2008 there has been a rise of xenophobia and racism in Greece. Lots of violent actions against refugees and immigrants are happening. Greeks seem to have forgotten the fact that greek people have migrated several times in the recent history.

This realisation was in the centre of a creative workshop aimed to experiment on the different interpretations of the word OPEN / ΑΝΟΙΧΤΑ. Refugees currently living in Greece and greeks, worked together around the concepts of accessibility, borders and the overcoming of limitations, using words, images and photographs.

The outcome of the workshop was a street intervention with posters and a short video documentation. 

Presented at the HANBG during the only night of the year that the museum stays OPEN.

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