Evia Wildfires Arftermath [2022]

Pictures from the wildfires that took place between 3-11 of August 2021 in North Evia, Greece, travelled the world. 8 months later we travelled to North Evia with journalist Alexandre Duyck on assignment for Marie Claire France to meet with residents who, despite the shock they are still in, decided to stay and try to rebuild their homes, work and life, based on their own strength.

The fire burnt slowly a surface of forest and cultivations that equals 5 times Paris, in front of the eyes of residents that, as they say, felt helpless and furious. Not only the landscape but also the lives of people living by what once was a green paradise have changed drastically. Local economy was based on resin collection and honey production from pine trees. Although pine forests tend to regrow naturally, it will take about 25 years for the new forest to grow and be productive again, if a second fire or human intervention to the landscape is prevented.

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