EXHIBITION @ MedPhoto 5 | 19 Jan. -29 Mar. 2023

From January 19th → March 29th, 2024, Under Pressure will be on show at MedPhoto Festival 5 in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Rethymno. 

MedPhoto Festival firmly oriented towards critical issues of our time, organises its next event, under the title CRITICAL ARCHIVES VIWe Can’t Breathe, at the Contemporary Art Museum of Crete, focusing on the climate crisis and the social and political conditions that contextualise it. Overall, one cannot but look at the extreme and dangerous ways of exploiting natural resources leading to the widespread destruction of ecosystems. Yet, various contemporary artistic practices (encountered with theory and research) make an attempt to delve deeper into the meaning of ecocide and the importance of climate justice, highlighting that not all people are equally responsible for the climate crisis, as well as pointing to the dominant mechanisms of energy financialisation and greenwashing related to the disproportionate suffering that falls on countries of the Global South. More

Participating artists: Ursula Biemann, Evangelos Daskalakis, Sophie Gerrard, Petros Giannakouris, Marina Gioti, Kostas Kapsianis, Nikos Markou, Cristina De Middel & Bruno Morais, Giorgos Moutafis, Oliver Ressler, Zied Ben Romdhane, Jonas Staal, Ian Teh, Penelope Thomaidi, Michailangelos Vlassis Ziakas

WORKSHOP with David Campany @ Palm Tree Workshops, 5-9 Sept. 2023

Autumn couldn’t have started in a better way! Photography Between Exhibition and Publication has been an exciting, intense and inspiring workshop lead by curator, writer, editor and educator David Campany at the beautiful space of Palm Tree Workshops in Santorini. 5 days of lectures, enriching conversations, thinking and rethinking on one’s photographic practice and diving into photobooks and the possibilities of showing work on 2dimensional and 3dimensional contexts. Extra thanks to David for being so generous sharing his knowledge, to Marilena and Stella for their hospitality and to wonderful co-participants Penelope Hunt, Shaista Chishty, Hilary Wardhaugh, Francesca Giaitzoglou for this great experience! 

EXHIBITION @ Vovousa Festival | July-August 2023

Following an invitation by Vovousa Festival and with the support of MedINA - Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos, early June, along with documentary author Natasha Blatsiou we set out on a road trip to explore the geography, environment, history and culture of Aoos and Sarantaporos rivers, two of the few free-flowing bodies of water remaining in Europe. We did this through experimentation with photography and sound. We are deeply thankful to the many residents and scientists that helped us through the process. The first result of this in-progress research lead to Alongside the River, a multimedia exhibition curated by Vangelis Ioakimeidis and presented at the Hydropower Museum of Vovousa on the Pindos mountains in north western Greece during July and August. More information here.

EXHIBITION @ Festival Circulation(s) | 25 March 2023

I am thrilled to announce that Under Pressure will be presented at Festival Circulation(s) 2023 in Paris along with the work of another 26 artists from all around Europe! Emerging photographers of 14 nationalities will tell stories with images around migration, youth, nature, trauma, identity and science. Discover here more about Festival Circulation(s) and the participating artists in the 2023 edition

25 March - 21 May 2023
5 Rue Curial, 75019 Paris, France

Many thanks to the artistic committee of Collectif Fetart: Marie Guillemin, Clara Chalou, Mano Bourcart, Delphine Rodet, Carine Dolek, Jimmy Pihet, Laetitia Guillemin, Claire Pathé, Emmanuelle Halkin

SEMI-FINALIST @ Head On Photo Awards 2022

Sharing happy news from another continent!! One of my pictures from the series A Zone to Defend got selected as a semi-finalist at the Head On Landscape Awards. The semi-finalist images will be projected on a screen throughout the Festival that this year presents 604 artists in multiple venues, launches in Sydney, Australia on November 4th, 2022. Winners will be announced at the opening!

This image is actually created by multiple shots of the beautiful 100 Noms dwelling before and after it’s destruction during the evictions that took place in the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes in April 2018. Some of the dreamy dwellings disappeared in the process, but nature won and the struggle of locals and activists that created a living utopia in West France remains an actual lighthouse of hope in our dark times.

TRAINING @ Women Photograph Annual Workshop 2022

Congratulations and a big thank you to the Women Photograph team for the super productive 12-hours online version of their Annual Workshop last week! Artist talks, portrait making, fundraising for photographers, agencies & collectives, safety… all of it has been so useful and inspiring. This was the first time I participated in the Women Photograph Annual Workshop and I feel amazed by the amount of knowledge and experience sharing, as well as by the kind, joyful and empowering way of sharing with more than a dozen of speakers and hundreds of participants from all around the world. For those who haven’t tried it, it’s highly recommendable.

PUBLICATION @ Marie Claire France | July 2022

The wildfires that took place between 3-11 of August 2021 in Evia, Greece, burnt a surface of forest and cultivations that equals 5 times Paris. Not only the landscape but also the lives of people living by what once was a green paradise have changed drastically and this will last for a long time. We travelled to North Evia with journalist Alexandre Duyck for Marie Claire France to meet with residents who decided to stay and try to rebuilt their homes, work and life, based on their own strength and despite the shock they are still in.

EXHIBITION @ Athens Photo Festival 2022

I am honoured that Under Pressure is part of the main programme of the Athens Photo Festival 2022.

This year the main exhibition takes place at the Benaki Museum / Pireos 138, including 102 artists from 28 countries, covering over 3,000 square meters.

Benaki Museum / Pireos 138, Athens, Greece
8 June – 24 July 2022
Thursday and Sunday: 10.0018.00
Friday and Saturday: 10.0022.00

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