FELLOWSHIP @ iMEdD Incubator 2021

I am extremely happy and honoured to participate in the iMEdD Incubator programme that will support the development and production of On Land and Water. Looking forward to the coming months that will be dedicated to developing this project and in learning from the team of fellows and mentors. Many thanks to the selection committee for giving me this opportunity.

iMEdD’s incubator hosts profit and non-profit organisations as well as individuals and teams who wish to create an organisation or implement a specific innovative project in the field of journalism. It aims at embracing the ideas of participants and offering them all the necessary tools, know-how and support to bring their ideas to life. Our ultimate goal is for all teams to interact, building a very creative and innovative group of independent journalists and media professionals. The maximum time of supporting organizations or projects, is 9 months from the date of their selection. Learn more here.

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