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  1. PUBLICATION @ Marie Claire France | July 2022

    2022-07-01 15:40:00 UTC

    The wildfires that took place between 3-11 of August 2021 in Evia, Greece, burnt a surface of forest and cultivations that equals 5 times Paris. Not only the landscape but also the lives of people living by what once was a green paradise have changed drastically and this will last…

  2. PUBLICATION @ GEO France | April 2022

    2022-04-04 15:53:00 UTC

    Growing slowly, not scared of long draughts nor cold winters, the olive tree is famous for it’s longevity, for its fruits and most of all for the liquid gold we call olive oil. A sea of olive groves! This is what Messinia felt like to me back in November 2021…

  3. PUBLICATION @ 24heures | 11 Sept. 2021

    2021-09-11 16:14:00 UTC

    “Athens must become a climate laboratory”, an article by Elisa Perrigueur, at Swiss newspaper 24heures, about the urgency of the Municipality of Athens to create a plan of action against heat waves and climate change. Athens becomes the first city in Europe to have a Chief Heat Officer, Dr. Eleni…

  4. PUBLICATION & INTERVIEW @ Click Magazine, Dec. 2019

    2019-12-06 14:00:00 UTC

    Many thanks to Click Magazine team for including an interview and presenting a big part of my A Zone to Defend series in its No. 68 issue. Browse through the pages of Click Magazine #68, to discover the work of photographers Vicky Martin, Ivan Clemente, Claudio Rasano, Mauro Liggi, Paolo…

  5. PUBLICATION @ L’Oeil De La Photographie | Aug. 2019

    2019-08-25 06:25:00 UTC

    Coming back to greek summer childhood memories can be a strong fuel for the new working season! Thanks to L’Oeil de la Photographie for sharing this holiday picture. Back to work now!

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