CURATING @ Balkans Today. The present of a wounded landscape | Athens Oct. 9-25, 2020

Balkans Today. The present of a wounded landscape

How much do we know about everyday life in the neighboring Balkan countries? What do we have in common? What makes us stand apart? What unites us? What can we accomplish together? With those questions in mind, we called on photographers of all ages and ethnicities, in order to find photographic series that could leave stereotypical representations behind and help us, instead, to better understand both our neighbors and our own selves.

26 photographers from 12 countries participated in this pop-up exhibition, which took place in the context of the 3rd Film Symposium Balkan Can Kino and was curated between Evi Stamou and me. The photographic series were distributed across the streets of Exarcheia according to the following themes: our relationship with the rest of the Balkans,  the younger generation’s perspective and its dilemma facing immigration, the recent past, the painful recollection of the war and, last, the fluidity and the fragility of the present state of things.

Taking the lack of funds in the cultural life of the Balkans as a given, but eager to stand on our own feet and willing to keep exploring all those factors that shape our daily life, we invited visitors to wander about the neighborhood of Exarcheia in Athens and to get reacquainted with our city and its inhabitants in a real Balkanic context.

Participating photographers: Kostis ARGYRIADIS (GR), Aggelos BARAI (AL), Petrut CALINESCU (RO), Laura CNOSSEN (NL), Nicholas CONSTANT (UK), Dan COURT (UK), Sylvan DAHLGRUN (SE), Vedad DIVOVIC (BIH), Jeanne FRANK (FR), Hannnes JUNG (DE),  Ilir TSOUKO (AL), Babis KOUGEMITROS (GR) & Vassilis KONSTANTINOU (GR), Jacopo LANDI (IT), Thodoris NIKOLAOU (GR), Madalin MARIANUT (RO), Antigoni PAPANTONI (GR), Kosmas PAVLIDIS (GR), Ioanna SAKELLARAKI (GR), Orestis SEFEROGLOU (GR), Nick StOEGGER (US), Louiza VRADI (GR), Patrick WACK (FR), Dominik WOJCIECHOWSKI (PL), Rafael YAGHOBZADEH (FR), Lila ZOTOU (GR)

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EXHIBITIONS @ Helsinki Photo Festival | 30 Jul. – 9 Sept. 2019

Helsinki Photo Festival

Helsinki Photo Festival is on!

The theme for this year is “Anarchy”, and the main exhibition presents the works of 50 winning finalists, including 25 winners of the Best Image competition and a multimedia presentation of 24 shortlisted artists from all over the world.

A Zone to Defend will be shown at

the main exhibition
at one of the most iconic historic warehouses in Helsinki, the “Katajanokan Tulli- ja Pakkehuone

the outdoor collective exhibition
at Hesperian Esplanadi
Runeberginkatu 32-34

Duration: July 30 (Tuesday) – September 9 (Monday)

Helsinki Photo Festival 2019 | Outdoor Exhibition