• Popular Games

    Animation [2010], 1′ 30”, shown on a digital frame

    Oil-painting named "Popular Games" by greek modern painter of the '30s Nikolaos Chatzikyriakos-Gkikas has been converted to a digital animated collage. The painting has been created in 1937, during the dictatorship of Ioannis Metaxas. During this period fascistic type kids' and youngsters' groups were promoted and organised by the state. Some figures of kids participating in such groups have been incorporated in the painting. In the background can be heard part of the dictators' speach about these groups. Sound has been extracted from a greek public television documentary.

    The animation has been created in the occasion of the thematic exhibition "Visit" treating the issue of Greekness expressed in greek modernism.  The exhibition was held in the House of Aggelos & Leto Katakouzenos and has been presented in the room dedicated to Gkikas who has been a friend of the family.