• On Land & Water

    COMING SOON - Ongoing documentary photography project about oil and gas exploration and exploitation in West Greece (2019-...)

    Local communities in West Greece are divided in front of the prospect of oil and gas exploration and exploitation currently on its first phases on land and sea of the area.

    With climate change and water pollution becoming major threats for humanity in the last years, governments around the world are forced to find alternatives to fossil fuels. Despite this fact, since 2014, in the context of a major financial crisis the greek government has been granting permissions to both local and international oil companies resulting to 1/3 of the greek territory -mainly the west coast- being today under exploration for gas and oil drilling. Some of the companies involved are of colossal size, like Repsol and Total, promising job opportunities for the inhabitants of this under-developed region of Europe.

    For the moment, the project focuses on the region of Epirus, a place which maintains a well-preserved natural environment rich in water with people living a way of life mostly based on agriculture and tourism. West Greece figures at the 2nd highest place of long-term unemployment in 2018 in the EU and is one of its poorest provinces. With a long history in migration, villages suffer from population decline. At the same time, producers who remain in the area fight for small-scale quality productions.

    Through landscape and portrait photography as well as a collection of testimonies and archive material, On Land and Water project aims to put in focus the ongoing tense around the future development of West Greece, as locals claim that seismic research works started without informing the local communities first.

    Map by WWF showing oil and gas exploration in Greece, 2019